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Senin, 05 Desember 2016

The List!!


Hello... it's me..... hahaha it never gets old. Anyway, today i wanna share my favorite songs/music videos in 2016 or recently.
So without further ado, i present to you..... (drum rolls) The List!!

1) Alessia Cara ; Scars To Your Beautiful 
This song became my favorite just simply because of the lyrics, the meaning of the lyrics and the music video just make me love it more. I'll put the link for the lyrics down below, don't worry! :)

2)  Beyoncé Knowles ; Pretty Hurts
I'm speechless for this one, really.

3) Rachel Platen ; Fight Song
I love this song because it teach me, even when i feel like giving up, there's still hope and i have to reach out for it. :)

4)  Ed Sheeran ; Thinking Out loud
I'll be honest with you, i love this song because 3 reasons. First, HELLO IT'S ED SHEERAN!! Second, I really love the song it self. Third, I just love the video hehehe XD

5) Ryan Fremling ; Psychology Song

Last but not least, this one because I'm a Psychology Student myself so yeah.... it's helpful, I'm telling you, plus i like the song!!

Aaaand, that's all from me today guys, i really hope all of you enjoy it. I'll see you guys next time!!
My love for all of you,

this is the link for the lyrics ;

Alessia Cara ; Scars To Your Beautiful
Beyonce Knowles ; Pretty Hurts
Rachel Platten ; Fight Song
Ed Sheeran ; Thinking Out Loud

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